Monitoring and Governance

Lynas operates under and adheres to strict environmental management requirements enforced in Australia and Malaysia by the relevant Government authorities.

These regulations ensure that third parties undertake consistent monitoring to assess what impact, if any, our operations are having on the environment. The results of this monitoring are publicly available at all times. They are provided in writing and online to the regulatory authorities, our employees, customers, and local communities as part of our ongoing stakeholder communications.


Lynas Malaysia

For information on key environmental monitoring programs at Lynas Malaysia please refer to the Lynas Malaysia Data slides here.

The AELB and the DOE are the governing bodies that monitor the environmental impact at Lynas Malaysia’s advanced materials plant. ​

  • The AELB provides Scheduled reporting of Environmental Radiation Monitoring and on-line and real-time from the Aerosol Monitoring System. The map can be viewed here

Visit their website: (scroll down Home Page and click on Lynas​)​​.

  • Lynas conducts monitoring along Sg. Balok every month, and monitoring is carried out by PERMULAB Sdn. Bhd, an accredited lab under DOE. There are a total of 11 stations starting from the Lynas discharge point up to the Sg. Balok river mouth. Visit their website:

Lynas maintains a high standard of radiation safety and health in compliance with the AELB regulatory requirements, and international safety standards like those issued by the IAEA.​

View the AELB website here ​(scroll down Home Page and click on Lynas​) and the IAEA website here​.


Mt Weld

The following regulators monitor the environmental management at Mt Weld.

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS)

Department of Mines and Petroleum amalgamated with Department of Commerce to form DMIRS.

The DMIRS covers; environmental management, regulation and rehabilitation in accordance with Programmes of Work, Mining Proposals and Mine Closure Plans.

Visit their website:

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER)

Department of Environment Regulation. Department of Water and Environmental Protection Authority amalgamated to form DWER.

The DWER has three main functions of regulation: Water, Environmental Regulation, Office of the Environmental Protection Authority.

  • Mt Weld Groundwater Abstraction Licence (GWL171310(2))
  • Mt Weld Prescribed Premises Licence (L8141/2007/2)
  • Ministerial Statement 476

Visit their website:

Mt Weld is regularly audited by Government Agencies and third parties on an annual basis to ensure compliance with environmental approvals and licences.